Newham for Newbies

One site to link them all

Welcome to, the little book of local life.
A quick-and-basic signpost to our unique patch of London: its knowledge, landscape and people.

Everyone's invited to the launch:
17 Feb 2024
at the brilliant
Newham Citizen Science Fair
University of East London, E15

Newham for Newbies will start small and evolve naturally. I'm keeping the visible bits simple, friendly and usable on purpose. Project background, social motivations and technical detail will be at the Citizen Science Fair page soon, plus a mini-outline of expected project phases.

It's built on free open-source principles, IndieWeb ideals, and so on. Low-dependency, minimal maintenance, and no ads/chatbots/popups/other things everyone hates. Expect some crowdsourced info, mapping and similar down the line. When the basic model is sorted, anyone can download and build their own version (web skills needed: hobbyist / code club level.)

The live site will be ready to play with in December - sign up and I'll keep you posted! (Or just bookmark It will be minimal-but-useful at that point, with the best-represented area. That will change when the community gets involved.

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